Australia Requests More Security for 3rd Ashes Test – CHECK Reason

Australia Test Team(Images: CA)
Australia Test Team (Images: CA)

Ahead of the 3rd Ashes 2023 Test in Headingley, the Australian cricket team request additional security following the incidents that happened in the Lord’s after the controversial stumping of Jonny Bairstow.

Australia Requests More Security for 3rd Ashes Test

With the Third Ashes Test to begin on Thursday, Australian players expect to face a furious crowd at Headingley.

The Australians were receiving abuse from England fans after Alex Carey’s controversial stumping by Jonny Bairstow on the fifth day of the second Test series at Lord’s, where Australia won by 43 runs. He was stumped after the ducked ball from Cameron when he left the crease without informing the leg umpire.

Jonny Bairstow's Controversial Dismissal
Jonny Bairstow’s Controversial Dismissal(Image: Twitter)


After the incident, they have been severely criticized, which caused havoc within the English media. A lot has been said and written after the incident by former cricketers, while Jonny had been guilty because of dozy cricket.

Even Australian families were abused in the incident forcing Steve Smith’s mother to leave the stage. An 11-year-old boy shed tears at the Lord’s.

“The Australian cricket side has requested extra security be provided for families after abusive fans left one staff member’s 11-year-old son in tears and forced one player’s mother to leave the Lord’s Ashes Test on the fifth day,” the report said.

The report even included, Steve Smith’s mother leaving the stadium to escape the taunting from fans who did not know her connection to him but who recognized her nationality.

Controversial Stumping at Lord’s

It happened in the first session of the England Innings as Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes had pressure on building up the score after Ben Duckett’s catch by Alex Carey. England was chasing a target of 371 and was 193 for 5 when Bairstow ducked to avoid a bouncer from Cameron Green on the last ball of the 52nd over.

On the final delivery by Cameron Green, the ball was alone to the wicket-keeper as Jonny Bairstow started walking outside the Crease towards his partner Stokes, having thoughts of the dead ball.

Alex Carey realized an opening and took advantage to dismiss the batter, and had an attempt for a direct hit at the striker’s end to catch Bairstow off-guard and succeeded in it.

In a moment it was given out and he was left with fumes as Australians celebrated around him. According to Law 20, a ball is considered dead when it is finally settled, which is under the final decision of the Umpire. On the incident, Umpire Ahsan Raza had not even called it over.

MCC apologies for the incident

In Bairstow’s dismissal, the Australian side was criticized by England fans throughout the session of the game until they reach the Lord’s Long Room.

The fans started abusing the families of Australian players, which includes Steve Smith’s Mother. She left the stadium for escaping taunting and abuse from England fans.

Even MCC apologized for the incident and suspended three members for abusing the visiting players in the Pavilion.

“They will not be permitted back to Lord’s whilst the investigation takes place and were informed of this by MCC Chief Executive, Guy Lavender, this evening.

“We maintain that the behaviour of a small number of Members was completely unacceptable and whilst there was no suggestion by Pat Cummins in the post-match press conference that there was any physical altercation, it remains wholly unacceptable to behave in such a way, which goes against the values of the Club. MCC condemns the behaviour witnessed and once again we reiterate our apology to Cricket Australia.”

“The decision again was in the umpire’s hands. If the umpire deemed it a dead ball today, it was a dead ball. Just like yesterday’s catch [by Mitchell Starc – ruled not out]. We don’t fully agree with it, but you have to accept the umpire’s decision.