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Analysis of Kemar Roach’s Flaw in “Jump and Gather” While Bowling And Key to Avoid This

Ian Bishop Points Out Kemar Roach’s Flaw:

In the last test match against England, Ian Bishop highlighted a flaw in Kemar Roach’s run-up, which is actually quite common in many aspiring fast bowlers; that is, a deceleration just before the jump and gather.⠀

This notable deceleration can mainly by attributed to the excessive backward lean that starts just before he is level with the umpire. By “opening up” and getting so tall at this point he is allowing the drag force (air resistance) to help put the brakes on. Additionally, he takes two steps after the umpire where his feet land well in front of his body which only serves to slow him down.⠀

His backward lean when he lands on his take-off leg is really noticeable. It looks like this deceleration is not optimal for his rhythm either. It’s surprising to see because his run-up is efficient and rhythmical. He does a great job of building momentum but then loses a chunk of it just before his jump.⠀

Remember, the purpose behind the run-up is to generate momentum to propel you through the crease. When you combine this with a straight front leg you catapult forward and have more “whip” from your trunk and bowling arm. This means you can accelerate the ball over a longer path before releasing it, usually meaning you will bowl faster.⠀

With less momentum (run-up speed) and a poor functioning braking system (front leg), a bowler with a traditional action will struggle to bowl fast.⠀

What is Jump And Gather:

The Jump and Gather connect your Run Up to the start of your fast bowling action. It gives you “hang-time” in the air to help get your body into position ahead of Back Foot Contact.


Why it is Important to do in Good Form: 

A good Jump and Gather continues the momentum from your Run Up into your bowling action and gets your body into an aligned position before you bowl. The more momentum you can transfer into your bowling action – and the better the position you get into – the faster and straighter you can bowl. 

What Happens When it Done in Poor Form:

On the other hand, a poor Jump and Gather can cause you to lose pace and become less accurate, as well as increase your injury risk. It is a simple part of your bowling action that can help or hinder you from bowling fast and straight, depending on how well you do it.

How One Can Avoid This Type of Flaw:

In order to avoid this type of mistake while bowling one should “Try to maintain the momentum, they produce from their run-up throughout the delivery stride. One way to help with this is to think of “running through the crease”.

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