Ali Bacher Opens on Possibilities of Cricket in Olympics

Ali Bacher
Ali Bacher

Former South African player and manager Ali Bacher says cricket should play at the Olympics, but needs to be tweaked to the Sosaichi match.

Ali Bacher on Cricket in Olympics

Bacher said cricket would gain more viewers through these rule changes and that the game is currently dominated by India, England and Australia.

“It’s a great idea. But not eleven-a-side cricket, but like Rugby, seven-a-side. You will get big audiences. Why should it not be seven-a-side? Why not? The Olympics is the world’s biggest sporting event. Why should not cricket be part of it. The rules can be changed; it can be done. Those changes are not insurmountable,” Bacher told News 18.

Bacher said it’s ‘absurd’ that teams like England play 17 Tests a year while a few countries struggle to match them.

“The greatest problem in world cricket now is that it is dominated by Australia, India and England. Where else do you find this, England is scheduled to play 17 Test matches. This is absurd. Whereas countries like Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, West Indies are scraping to get a few Test matches. This is wrong.

Three countries cannot dominate world cricket. Bangladesh has taken a long time to come through, but they have just beaten Australia 4-1 in the Twenty20 series. You cannot allow the game to be controlled and manipulated by three countries. I am totally opposed to what’s happening in World cricket today.

“The game is all about money, and the money is in these leagues. That’s where the sponsors are. That’s where the crowds are and the TV audience. You cannot stop it, unfortunately. In five or ten years’ time, people may love Test cricket or not. Who knows? Australia and England will play the Ashes for a hundred years. But what will happen to Test cricket in other parts? You watch the Test matches in the West Indies, there is nobody there. It’s a worrying aspect. The domination by three countries must stop.”