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“You Can’t Do That”, Aakash Chopra on Ashwin’s Double DRS in TNPL 2023

Every cricket fan knows how Ravichandran Ashwin will use his cricketing brain while playing matches. Now R Ashwin becomes a quite talkative point of the cricket community right after his Double DRS move in the ongoing TNPL 2023.

Aakash Chopra on Ashwin’s Double DRS in TNPL 2023

The incident took place in the 13th over of the match between Dindigul Dragons and Ba11sy Trichy in Coimbatore.

After Trichy batter R. Rajkumar had successfully overturned an on-field caught-behind decision from umpire K. Srinivasan in the 13th over, Ashwin signalled for another DRS review of the same decision.

Former India cricketer Aakash Chopra has reacted to the incident and says what happened was ‘beyond his understanding’. Giving his expert analysis on the matter, Chopra sided with the third umpire, saying the official thoroughly followed the protocol.

“Ashwin anna’s small matter has brought TNPL to the world map. He was bowling very well, had picked up a wicket, and there was an appeal for another wicket where the umpire gave it out,” Chopra said on his YouTube channel.

“Ashwin and everyone were happy but the batter asked for a review. The third umpire was very good. He followed the protocol, checked all angles, and figured out that the ball had not reached the bat when the spike came because of the bat hitting the ground. Well done, he umpired very well and said it was not out,” he further said.

Though Ashwin’s efforts went in vain, the video of the incident went viral on social media.

On Ashwin’s decision to review the matter, Chopra said that if the league officials would look back at the rulebooks, they would find that such an option wasn’t even available to be taken.

“Ashwin said he wanted to review it again. He reviewed a review and it happened as well. It is beyond my understanding. I feel when the TNPL officials look back, they will say that this option was not available,” he opined.

“You can’t do it. There are multiple reasons for that – you need to take the review within 15 seconds. The review was taken and the third umpire told, with all due diligence, what his thinking was. Now you are reviewing the third umpire’s thinking and asking him only to be the judge,” Chopra asserted.

After the match, the off-spinner also explained that he decided to review the call thinking the third umpire would analyse another angle.

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