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All IPL Teams Logo 2024 With Meaning, Motto

All IPL Teams Logo: The Indian Premier League is one of the most famous professional T20 cricket leagues contested by ten teams based out of ten Indian cities. IPL is usually held between March and May of every year and has an exclusive window in the ICC Future Tours Programme.

Ahead of IPL 2022 season, BCCI included 2 new IPL teams in addition to the existing 8 teams. Earlier we discussed All IPL Team Jersey including New Kits, Sponsors list, and the purchase link. In this section, we are going to decode all IPL teams logo.

All IPL Teams Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – A Logo is a printed design or symbol with a unique identity that represents each IPL team. Every IPL franchise will have an immense effect on designing unique logos for their team.

Chennai Super Kings Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – CSK: Chennai Super Kings is undoubtedly one of the greatest teams ever in IPL history. With 5 trophies under their belt, CSK shares the record for most IPL trophies with Mumbai Indians.

Apart from being a player/skipper, MS Dhoni has a huge attachment with Chennai fans.

CSK Motto: Whistlepodu

CSK Logo meaning: When it comes to logos, CSK has a simple and powerful logo which roars like the players. CSK chose YELLOW as their base colour where a roaring furious-maned lion with clear visibility of its 4 fangs(long, pointed tooth) has printed in the first layer.

Without overshading the aggressive lion the name of the franchise has been printed with a crown over the top.

All IPL teams Logo - CSK Logo
Chennai Super Kings Logo

Delhi Capitals Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – DC: Delhi Capitals is one among the few IPL teams who still waits to lift their maiden IPL trophy Delhi Capitals have managed to reach the IPL 2020 finals where the Rishabh Pant-led team was defeated by the Rohit Sharma led Mumbai Indians.

DC Motto: Dildaar Dilli

Delhi Capitals Logo Meaning: Delhi Capitals have DARK BLUE as their base colour. A shield-like structure with The Parliament building’s logo at the top has been designed as the first layer. Within the designed area team’s name have been printed at the top with three roaring red tigers at the bottom.

Delhi Capitals Logo
Delhi Capitals Logo

Kolkata Knight Riders Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – KKR: With Kolkata(West Bengal) as their home city, Kolkata Knight Riders have won 2 IPL trophies so far (till IPL 2023). Notably, KKR beats CSK in IPL 2012 finals and stops CSK from lifting their hat-trick IPL trophy.

After lifting their second trophy in the IPL 2014 season, KKR struggled to lift their third trophy. Though they entered into the IPL 2021 finals CSK took revenge by beating the Riders by 27 runs and lifts their 4th IPL trophy.

KKR Motto: Korbo, Lorbo, Jeetbo Re (we will act, fight and win!)

KKR Logo
KKR Logo

KKR Logo Meaning: Kolkata Knight Riders designed their logo with a deep connection to the franchise name. KKR uses an outline of a shield structure where a Knight Warrior’s Sallet(Helmet) with fire waves is designed over the top of the shield.

Within the shield area, the franchise uses a bold golden character to represent their name – Kolkata Knight Riders. 

Mumbai Indians Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – MI: The 5 times IPL trophy winners have the simplest logo design compared to other teams in the IPL. The Mumbai Indians have a single design over their franchise name.

Mumbai Indians team motto: “Duniya Hila Denge Hum…”, which translates to We will rock the world.

Mumbai Indians Logo Meaning: Though the franchise chose a single design for their logo it is considered as one of the most powerful symbols/weapons in Hindu Mythology.

The sole design in the Mumbai Indians logo denotes a Sudarshana Chakra. Sudarshana Chakra is a sharp-edged weapon predominantly used by the god Vishnu in Hindu Mythology.

The Sudarshan Chakra is a symbol of power and acts as a shield to destroy and negate any negative or evil forces that can cause suffering. Mumbai Indians on considering to defeat all their opponents in the tournament may have picked this design for their logo.

Mumbai Indians logo
Mumbai Indians logo

Punjab Kings Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – PBKS: The Mohali-based IPL franchise, formerly known as the Kings XI Punjab, changed its name to Punjab Kings in the 14th edition of the IPL tournament.

As of many other teams in IPL, Punjab Kings still wait to lift their maiden IPL trophy in the cash-rich tournament.

PBKS Motto: Sadda Punjab

PBKS Logo Meaning: The Punjab Kings have a logo with a simple design where a shield-like structure with a golden outline is used as the base. The franchise name along with a roaring maned lion along with the visibility of its 4 fangs(long, pointed tooth) is printed inside the shield area.

Punjab Kings uses golden colour to represent the logo(lion) and first name of the franchise(Punjab) while a bold white character is used to represent their second name(Kings).

“The new logo honors the liveliness and vibrancy of the brand and provides modern elements, while we stand out from rest of the teams,” CEO of the franchise Satish Menon said at an event.

Punjab Kings
Punjab Kings logo

Rajasthan Royals Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – RR: The inaugural IPL edition winner Rajasthan Royals are the first team to have a home and away kit. Apart from lifting the first IPL trophy, Rajasthan Royals are

  • The first team to have an overseas captain and coach
  • The first team to have multiple home grounds
  • The first team to play two exhibition games overseas
  • The RR is also the first team to chase down a record IPL score of 217 in 2008 against the Deccan Chargers.
  • RR was the first team to broadcast a designated YouTube Channel in November 2008.

RR Motto: Halla Bol

The Rajasthan Royals uses two logos. One they named as boundless version and the other they use in their team jersey and official products.

RR Logo Meaning: The boundless version of the logo, termed as the Royal Crest, is a special rendition of the brand mark, created for modern visual communications.

Freed from the confines of the oval and the lions, the monotone crest becomes a versatile symbol of the team’s identity, to be used on apparel and other creative communications.

Royalty and team spirit form the core values of the Royals’ logo that has been designed to evoke pride and grandeur.

The lion buglers celebrate the large RR symbol that occupies the central area of the logo. While the Rajasthan Royals are all about being competitive and fair on the field, the logo epitomizes revelry, respect and pride.

The logo was redesigned in 2009 after obtaining feedback from fans on elements that needed strengthening. It emphasizes the strategic intent of the franchise, which is to listen and engage with its fans.

Rajasthan Royals Logo
Rajasthan Royals Logo

Royal Challengers Bangalore Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – RCB: Undoubtedly RCB is one of the IPL teams with a huge fan following base. Though they still fail to lift their maiden IPL trophy the fans still believe and hope for the glorious moment.

RCB Motto: Ee Sala Cup Namde and Play Bold

RCB Logo meaning: Royal Challengers Bangalore unveils a new logo for the IPL 2020 which more or less look like an award where a standing furious lion shows its one-sided body with a crown at its head. The black, red and golden combination give an attractive view for the RCB logo.

Explaining the design of the new logo, the RCB said in a statement: “The redesigned logo with the majestic lion illustrates and brings alive RCB’s philosophy, a bold and fearless attitude of playing exciting cricket. It balances the simplicity and ‘iconicity’ of the lion to create the next chapter for one of India’s most iconic sports team. The visual identity embodies the bold pride and challenger spirit, qualities that each RCB team members bring to the team.”

Royal Challengers Bangalore Logo
Royal Challengers Bangalore Logo

Sunrisers Hyderabad Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – SRH: SRH made their maiden IPL appearance in 2013 and went on to lift their maiden trophy in IPL 2016 by beating RCB in the finals. Notably, SRH risers from one of the defunct IPL teams Deccan Chargers.

SRH Motto: Rise Up To Every Challenge

SRH Logo Meaning: Rising from a defunct team might be a reason for choosing their franchise name as Sunrisers Hyderabad. Moreover, the team is owned by the Sun Group thus the name may be chosen so.

SRH is the only team to use a bird design in their logo. YES!!! SRH uses Eagle as their logo design with a background of the rising sun. Eagle is considered as the bird to fly high from the remaining of its species. Thus the franchise on considering to stand top from the remaining of its competitor chooses the Eagle design for the logo.

SRH team logo
SRH team logo

Lucknow Super Giants Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – Lucknow: RPSG Group of Sanjiv Goenka is the owner of the Lucknow Super Giants. RPSG Group won the bidding war for INR 7090 crores (over 932 million USD) to own the Lucknow team.

Lucknow Super Giants makes their IPL debut in the 2022 season where a total of 10 teams will lock their horns to fight for the trophy.

LSG Motto: Har andaaz mein zameen se jude

LSG Logo meaning: Lucknow Super Giants have a very unique team logo with a patriotic feeling. Regarding the meaning of the logo the official statement said” Lucknow Super Giants, India’s newest IPL team’s brand identity draws inspiration from ancient Indian mythology.

The mythical bird Garuda- who is a protector and enthroned with the power to move swiftly, has inspired us to create the winged emblem of the team. Garuda is omnipresent in every Indian culture and sub-culture.

The tri-colour wings of the entity, symbolically represent Lucknow Super Giants’ Pan -India appeal. The body of the bird has been formed by a blue coloured bat to signify the game of cricket, there is a red ball with an orange seam too. It is like an auspicious ‘Jay tilak’.

The identity, as a whole, is endowed with strong positive energy to soar higher and higher and achieve success. Lucknow Super Giants is a team for every Indian. It is a team that unites the nation.”

Lucknow Super Giants IPL Logo
Lucknow Super Giants IPL Logo

Gujarat Titans Logo

All IPL Teams Logo – Gujarat Titans: CVC Capital is the owner of the Gujarat Titans. CVC Capital won the bidding war for INR 5625(over 692 million USD) to own the Ahmedabad team. Gujarat Titans announced their team logo on February 20, 2022.

GT Motto: Sounds like thunder, strikes like lightning, We stop at nothing

GT Logo Meaning: Gujarat Titans designed their logo with the inspiration from the shape of a KITE that soars up and high in the sky. As kite-flying is an integral part of Gujarat’s cultural heritage with festivities like the Uttarayan festival, the logo reflects the rich cultural heritage and legacy of the state, the basis on which the team’s foundation is built upon.

The logo also features a ‘bolt of lightning’, symbolizing the sheer energy and the immense power to illuminate even the darkest of the skies in a split second, which in the context of the team, will stand for their determination to turn adversity into triumph.

The Gujarat Titans logo has navy blue, gold, and white colours and a pyramidal object with Gujarat Titans written across it.

Gujarat Titans Logo
Gujarat Titans Logo
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