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How to Win Consistently in a Fantasy Cricket Game 

While fist-pumping to celebrate your win in the fantasy cricket game, you may realize the sweat that dropped from your forehead while forming your fantasy cricket team. You might have invested hours in doing research, and ultimately it paid off. In fantasy cricket games, such winning moments give value to your hard work.

How to win consistently in a Fantasy Cricket Game 
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The daily fantasy cricket is undoubtedly rising with every passing day. It has already become popular in India, with 20 million users all over the country. If the same trend persists, this number will reach 150 billion by 2022. This $15 billion industry is booming because of the young generation present globally, which love this game the most. 

Tips to win in a fantasy cricket game 

Remain updated with the latest news and stats

Stats play a pivotal role in a fantasy cricket game, as they help you choose the right player. Visit the sites which can give you accurate information about the players’ performance. Through comprehensive graphs, you can easily understand the current performance of the players, their history and the nuance associated with them.

You can also know the current rank of the player. Such information will help you compare players’ performance and come up with game-changing tactics that can keep you ahead of your competitors. 

Select the right team

By getting authentic statistics, you can easily come up with a match-winning team. Choose the captain and vice-captain wisely, especially the captain who leads the team. Never be afraid of swimming against the tide and choosing some unconventional players, as there are chances of success through such uncanny choices. 

Consider the pitch condition.

Have you ever sat down to watch the least interesting section of cricket, where experts gave their opinion regarding the pitch condition? If yes, then you probably know how important this information is for you. A pitch condition affects both bowler’s and batsman’s performance. You can also research the history of a particular pitch on which the game will be played. You can easily find the stats about the pitch on the internet, and can easily estimate the match condition based on the previously played match on that pitch.

Know your competition

Never underestimate the talent of your competitors. You need to keep a close eye on their activities. Try to learn about their strategies, such things can help you to know their winning strategies and will allow you to give them a tough competition. You can convert their strategies into a well-conceived plan to defeat them in their game. 

Go with multiple teams.

Sometimes even the best bowler or batsman fails to perform, which can become the reason for team defeat. However, you can deal with such conditions by submitting multiple teams in the contest. The more teams you submit, the more will be your winning chances. Fantasy sport lineup builders can help you with information on multiple teams. These tools can suggest raw projections and convert them into customizable lineups for any game format with a few clicks. 

Take risks

Never be afraid of taking risks. You can go with calculated risks. Add one or more fringe players to your players’ list. Keep yourself updated about the latest news coming out. Such things will help you to build a strong team. 

Make strategy as per the toss result.

You will come to know about the team who is batting first. If the stronger team is batting first, their chances of putting a high score on the table are higher, and thus the weaker team will face a tough time chasing the score. In such a scenario, you should go with 5 batsmen from the stronger team with one bowler from the weaker team who can take a wicket in the slog overs. 

Conversely, if the weaker team is batting first, it is safe to assume that they will put a low score on the scoreboard. You can select batsmen from the weaker team and bowlers from the strong team in such a scenario.

Final Takeaway

A fantasy cricket game is a treasure trove for many users. You need to fetch the right players’ information to create a match-winning strategy. If you follow the tips mentioned above, your chances of winning the contest will surely increase. 

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