Cricket Australia (CA) announced the Big Bash League (BBL) schedule for the upcoming 2020-21 season. The BBL announced that there will be 21 BBL matches held throughout the month of December, with Tasmania, ACT, Queensland, and South Australia hosting those fixtures.

BBL 2020-21 schedule venue 

News in Australia suggests that movement restrictions across borders will be eased by December 10, meaning officials will wait and watch before announcing fixtures for the rest of the season.

“We are working through scenarios for the 35 regular season matches and finals series to be played in the new year with our partners and government bodies,” Alistair Dobson, Cricket Australia’s Head of Big Bash Leagues, said in a statement.

“An announcement on these venues will be made in the coming weeks. This is, without doubt, the most complex fixturing task ever undertaken by the League and we are excited with where it has landed.

“It has been a difficult year for so many people around Australia and we look forward to bringing the BBL to every state, should border conditions allow us to.”

Check out the revised dates, start times, and matchups for all 56 regular-season games was announced. Venues were confirmed only for the first 21 matches up until December 31.

Big Bash League 2020-21 Schedule

Match NoDateMatchVenueTime(AEDT)
110-Dec-20Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney SixersBellerive Oval7:15 PM
211-Dec-20Melbourne Stars vs Brisbane HeatManuka Oval7:15pm
312-Dec-20Melbourne Stars vs Sydney Thunder Manuka Oval*4:05pm
4Melbourne Renegades vs Perth ScorchersBellerive Oval7:15pm
513-Dec-20Adelaide Strikers vs Hobart HurricanesBellerive Oval2:15pm
6Sydney Sixers vs Melbourne RenegadesBellerive Oval 7:15pm
714-Dec-20Sydney Thunder vs Brisbane Heat Manuka Oval7:15pm
815-Dec-20Hobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide StrikersUniversity of Tasmania Stadium7:15pm
916-Dec-20Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne StarsUniversity of Tasmania Stadium7:15pm
1019-Dec-20Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne RenegadesBellerive Oval 11:10am
1120-Dec-20Sydney Sixers vs Adelaide StrikersBellerive Oval11:10am
1222-Dec-20Sydney Thunder vs Perth ScorchersManuka Oval*7:15pm
1323-Dec-20Brisbane Heat vs Adelaide StrikersGabba*7:15pm
1426-Dec-20Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Renegades Manuka Oval6:10pm
15Sydney Sixers at Melbourne StarsCarrara Stadium9:20pm
1627-Dec-20Brisbane Heat vs Hobart HurricanesGabba7:15pm
1728-Dec-20Perth Scorchers vs Adelaide StrikersAdelaide Oval7:15pm
1829-Dec-20Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney SixersCarrara Stadium*6:10pm
19Sydney Thunder vs Melbourne Stars Manuka Oval7:15pm
2030-Dec-20Hobart Hurricanes vs Brisbane HeatGabba7:15pm
2131-Dec-20Adelaide Strikers vs Perth Scorchers Adelaide Oval7:15pm
2201-Jan-21Melbourne Renegades vs Sydney ThunderTBC(to be confirmed) 7:15pm*
2302-Jan-21Hobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne StarsTBC 5:05pm*
24Brisbane Heat vs Sydney SixersTBC 8:15pm*
2503-Jan-21Perth Scorchers vs Melbourne RenegadesTBC 4:05pm*
26Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney SixersTBC 7:15pm
2704-Jan-21Brisbane Heat vs Sydney ThunderTBC 7:15pm
2805-Jan-21Melbourne Stars vs Hobart HurricanesTBC 4:05pm*
29Melbourne Renegades vs Adelaide StrikersTBC 7:15pm
3006-Jan-21Perth Scorchers vs Sydney SixersTBC 7:15pm
3107-Jan-21Hobart Hurricanes vs Sydney ThunderTBC 6:10pm
32Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne StarsTBC 9:20pm
3308-Jan-21Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne RenegadesTBC 6:10pm*
3409-Jan-21Perth Scorchers vs Sydney ThunderTBC 7:15pm
3510-Jan-21Sydney Sixers vs Brisbane HeatTBC 7:15pm
3611-Jan-21Adelaide Strikers vs Melbourne StarsTBC 7:15pm
3712-Jan-21Perth Scorchers vs Hobart HurricanesTBC 7:15pm
3813-Jan-21Sydney Thunder vs Sydney SixersTBC 7:15pm
3914-Jan-21Brisbane Heat vs Melbourne RenegadesTBC 7:15pm
4015-Jan-21Melbourne Stars vs Adelaide StrikersTBC 7:15pm
4116-Jan-21Sydney Sixers vs Perth ScorchersTBC 6:40pm*
4217-Jan-21Melbourne Stars vs Melbourne RenegadesTBC 7:15pm
4318-Jan-21Sydney Thunder vs Hobart HurricanesTBC 7:15pm
4419-Jan-21Perth Scorchers vs Brisbane HeatTBC 7:15pm
4520-Jan-21Melbourne Renegades vs Melbourne StarsTBC 7:15pm
4621-Jan-21Adelaide Strikers vs Brisbane HeatTBC 7:15pm
4722-Jan-21Hobart Hurricanes vs Perth ScorchersTBC 4:05pm*
48Sydney Sixers vs Sydney ThundersTBC 7:15pm*
4923-Jan-21Melbourne Renegades vs Brisbane HeatTBC 4:05pm*
50Melbourne Stars vs Perth ScorchersTBC 7:15pm
5124-Jan-21Sydney Thunder vs Adelaide StrikersTBC 4:05pm*
52Sydney Sixers vs Hobart HurricanesTBC 7:15pm
5325-Jan-21Adelaide Strikers vs Sydney ThunderTBC 7:15pm
5426-Jan-21Brisbane Heat vs Perth ScorchersTBC 1:05pm*
55Melbourne Renegades vs Hobart HurricanesTBC 4:15pm
56Melbourne Stars vs Sydney SixersTBC 7:50pm
6106-Feb-21The Final

*Exclusively broadcast on Fox Cricket, Foxtel, and Kayo Sports

AEDT – Australian Eastern Daylight Time

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