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Why Shikhar Dhawan Took HIV Test When He Was 14-15 Years Old

Why Shikhar Dhawan Took HIV Test: Shikhar Dhawan who used to attract fans over his impressive signature move on the field has recently opened up on Why he took an HIV test after returning from the Manali trip when he was 14-15 yers old.

Why Shikhar Dhawan Took HIV Test

Dhawan used to ink his body with different tattoos for different reasons. In a recent interview, Dhawan opened up about the first tattoo that he got and how it led to a tricky situation.

“When I was 14-15 years old, I had gone to Manali and had got a tattoo done on my back without informing my family members. I had to hide it for quite some time, about 3-4 months, and then when my father got to know, he beat me.

I got a bit scared after doing the tattoo because I had no clue about the number of bodies that needle had pierced. So then I went and did my HIV Test and it’s negative to date (laughs),” Dhawan said on Aaj Tak.

“My first tattoo, on my back, was a Scorpio. Because at that time, that was my thought. Then I made a design on it. I also got a tattoo of Lord Shiva on my hand. I also got a tattoo of Arjun, he was our best archer”, he added. CHECK: KL Rahul’s Full Tattoo list

Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan is currently out of the Indian cricket team and will be seen in action in the upcoming IPL 2023 where he will lead the Punjab Kings. Dhawan was asked how long a rope would he have given himself if he was the selector or the captain of the team.

“I feel Shubman was already playing both formats and doing really well, both Tests and T20Is. If was playing more matches on the international circuit. If I was the selector, I would’ve given chance to Shubman,” he said.

On being asked if he would pick Shubman over Shikhar, the southpaw said, “Yes, I would.”

Dhawan also said that he wants to keep himself prepared for any ‘magic’ that might happen in the future, earning him a recall into the Indian team. All he wants to do at the moment is keep working hard and remain ready for any opportunity that arrives.

“Even if the opportunity doesn’t come, I won’t have the regret in my heart that I didn’t prepare myself. Whatever is in my hand, I want to do that,” he said.

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