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“Never Even Thought Like That”, Venkatesh Iyer On Dhoni’s Captaincy

India’s legendary captain, MS Dhoni is considered one of the sharpest minds in world cricket.

Dhoni the only Indian captain to win all three ICC trophies announce his international retirement on August 15, 2020. Though fans were not able to see Dhoni in international games, at any stage of the match any of the official commentators/experts will make a statement regarding MS Dhoni’s captaincy style.

Venkatesh Iyer Stunned By Dhoni’s Captaincy

Apart from the onfield commentators, Dhoni’s many former teammates have narrated stories about his tactical brilliance on the field.

India and Kolkata Knight Riders all-rounder Venkatesh Iyer is the latest player to spill the beans on Dhoni’s tactical brilliance.

In a recent conversation, Venkatesh recalled playing against Dhoni’s CSK, and how the former India captain’s innovative field setup led to his downfall.

MS Dhoni with Jadeja(Image: IPL)

“I and one more guy was batting. There were two fielders on the off-side – a short third man and covers. Everything was fine before he just called a fielder and placed it the other side. The very next ball went the exact same way and he was out caught.

He could have had some bad luck too but I was wondering ‘Why did it have to be off the very next ball? It could have happened 3-4 deliveries later, right?’ Suddenly it felt ‘Oh man! What a mind this guy has’,” Venkatesh said on Raj Shaman’s podcast.

Venkatesh Iyer On Dhoni’s Captaincy

The 28-year-old further revealed that he was left shellshocked by his dismissal, and had to confront Dhoni after the match to ask him about the reason behind his decision.

Venkatesh Iyer
Venkatesh Iyer

“Just this year, I was batting and I played a shot and got out at short third man. I turned around and saw ‘He is standing wrong. That’s not where a fielder stands. He is standing at a wrong position; he should be more to the right.

Then I realised ‘Oh’. I asked him after the match, ‘Bhaiyya, kyu?’ (Why?) He said the way the ball was leaving my bat; the fielders should be a lot fine. Then I was like ‘WOW! I never even thought like that.

To think so quickly then and there, and to understand the angle – cricket is all about angles – to read it is I think his biggest strength,” the all-rounder concluded.

MS Dhoni who bagged the fifth IPL trophy for Chennai Super Kings by beating Gujarat Titans in IPL 2023 final is expected to be in action during IPL 2024. Notably, V Iyer is one among the many to celebrate CSK’s victory in IPL 2023 at the Star Sports studio.

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