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India’s Bilateral media rights, high market rates for games against top teams

The sources say BCCI has planned for e-auctions of Bilateral media rights which is expected to be impressive as last cycle.

India’s Bilateral media rights 

Broadcasters are asking for acquiring media rights for India’s bilateral matches which are mostly played with two strong opponents Australia and England. The last bilateral rights cycle (2018-23) proved to be a great success for the BCCI, where valuations (₹6138 crore) increased over one and a half times.

India is scheduled to play about 88 games at home in the upcoming broadcast cycle, out of which 39 matches will be against powerful opponents. This is about 45% of the total games.

According to the details in the invitation to Tender (ITT) document, the broadcast cycle is structured with a front and back-loaded approach.

The cycle with eight matches against Australia, three ODIs in September, and five T20Is in November in between the World Cup scheduled for October and November.

Australia also featured at the other end of the 2023-28 cycle with five Test in January-March 2027, as three ODIs, and five T20Is in November-December of that year.

The England games are similarly loaded matches with the cycle, with five Tests at the beginning. They make a return appearance 12 months later to participate in eight white ball matches three ODIs and five T20Is in January and February of 2025.

The broadcast cycle concludes with five Tests in January and March of 2028. “A significant portion of the games against Australia and England is a positive aspect, and their distribution throughout the cycle is well-managed.

However, the challenge arises with the timing of the eight Australia games, which are positioned just before or immediately after the World Cup.

Indian cricket team
Indian cricket team(Image: BCCI)

Monetizing these matches might prove challenging, as corporates typically allocate funds for the World Cup or might have already exhausted their budgets. That’s the tricky part,” explains a broadcaster involved in the bidding process.

Sri Lanka has frequently toured India and has only one series at home during this cycle in December 2026. It consists of three ODIs and three numbers of T20Is. No home Test is scheduled against them in the cycle.

Afghanistan is scheduled to play one Test and three ODIs in June 2026. This marks their second visit to India within the cycle, following three T20Is in January 2024. The dates have been confirmed for January 11, 14, and 17 in Mohali, Indore, and Bengaluru.

South Africa only once in this cycle, engaging in a full series comprising two Tests, three ODIs and five T20Is in November and December 2025. New Zealand’s involvement includes three Tests and eight white-ball matches in the latter half of 2024 and early 2026, respectively.

The upcoming broadcast cycle includes 25 Tests, 27 ODIs and 36 T20Is. The domestic cricket program, as highlighted in the ITT, with potential additions to the schedule but limited cancellations except in cases of force majeure.

The industry insider comments on the package, stating, “This is a robust offering, with 60 out of the 88 games featuring competition against top-tier teams. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is not aiming for excessively high value.

The relatively modest base prices (Rs 20 crore for India TV and Rs 25 crore for digital and global packages) provide the rationale for this.”

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In the meantime, the BCCI is seeking a base price of Rs 2.4 crore for the title rights of their home international series. The previous title rights holder, Mastercard, had been sub-licensed by Paytm in July 2022, offering Rs 3.8 crore per game.

The ITT for the title rights specifies the BCCI‘s search for a title sponsor for the home series over the next three years, encompassing 56 games. The rights are anticipated to be awarded later this month.

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