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ICC plans to extend Chairman’s tenure to three years

An amendment is proposed to the International Cricket Council to extend the tenure of the Chairman.

ICC plans to extend Chairman’s tenure

A movement has been proposed to amend the constitution of the International Cricket Council. It is said that the Chairman’s tenure is set to be extended by cutting down the number.

The proposal is expected to be discussed in the upcoming board meeting which is scheduled in March. According to the changes, only very few members of the ICC knew that the chairman’s term would be extended from two to three years.

Additionally, the chairperson who can be elected thrice, now will be re-elected only once. Hence, a person can be in a position for 6 years with only two elections.

The proposal was made to enable a forward approach to developing policies across the years for the Cricket Council. While there is no official news from the International Cricket Council, there has been an informal discussion among the governing persons.

If the proposal is approved, the amendment will come into effect during the annual conference. The proposal seems to be uncertain whether it benefits a particular individual.

Greg Barclay, the current chairperson, is set to govern the body until November. If the amendment is passed during the annual conference in July, then Barclay will be the chairman until November.

The independent Chairman position came into existence in 2016 when Shashank Manohar was the inaugural chairman. He was re-elected for the post and he stepped down from the position in 2020.

After that, Barclay was elected as the chairperson of the body. It was the potential candidate for the position at first, but these days, whoever gets the support of the BCCI secretary Jay Shah will likely be the frontrunner for the position.

Barclay retained the position twice with the support of Jay Shah and BCCI. The ICC annual conference is set to be conducted in Sri Lanka.

With the suspension lifted, Sri Lanka will be hosting the Annual General Meeting of the International Cricket Council.

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