Sachin Tendulkar Files Complaint With Mumbai Police Over Fake Advertisements

Sachin Tendulkar

Former Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar files a complaint at Mumbai Crime Branch’s cyber cell after his name, photo and voice have been fraudulently used online to deceive people.

Sachin Tendulkar Files Complaint With Mumbai Police For Using his name, photo to dupe people

In the complaint, Sachin alleged that the advertisements have been used unauthorisedly to mislead citizens to buy products and services online. Based on his complaint, Mumbai Police’s Cyber Cell has registered a case under sections 420, 465, and 500 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and initiated an investigation.

A drug company was using Sachin Tendulkar’s image on their website claiming he endorsed their product.

Sachin Tendulkar Files Complaint With Mumbai Police For Using his name, photo to dupe people
Sachin Tendulkar Fake Advertisement(Image: Twitter)

“At SRT Sports Management Pvt. Ltd. (SRTSM), we have noticed that there have been attempts to impersonate Mr Sachin Tendulkar’s attributes in an unauthorised manner, for selling products and services not associated with him.

These are being done with a deliberate and malicious intention of misleading gullible citizens to buy unauthorised products and services online,” SRTSM said in a statement.

“We have lodged an official complaint with the Cyber Cell department and have highlighted these to social media platforms where such misleading advertisements are being broadcast,” the statement read. An investigation into the matter is underway.

This is not the first time when someone has misused Sachin Tendulkar’s photo or voice for product endorsement, duping people online.

Earlier in 2020, Tendulkar’s team released a statement, stating that they would take legal action against companies and individuals who are using his name, and photo for commercial purposes without his permission.

Back then, Tendulkar had lodged a case against a casino in Goa for using a morphed photo of him in promotional material.