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Gautam Gambhir-Sreesanth argument; Ex-teammates fights in LLC match

Gautam Gambhir-Sreesanth argument: The Former Gautam Gambhir and Sreenath were involved in a dispute during the match at Legends League cricket, a tournament held for retired Cricket stars.

Gautam Gambhir-Sreesanth argument

The Legends League Cricket 2023 is scheduled to play between November 18 and December 09. With the Qualifiers 1 match has been completed with the victory of Urbanisers Hyderabad by 75 runs, the Indian Capitals, and Guajarat Titans are scheduled to play in the Eliminators round.

On December 06, the eliminators round played in Surat between India Capitals and Gujarat Giants featured an argument between Gautam Gambhir and Sreesanth. When the situation got worse, other players and the Umpires separated those two cricketers.

Gautam Gambir was the captain of the Indian Capitals team and he opened the match during the eliminators round where he scored 51 runs on 30 deliveries.

Sreesanth was a member of India’s 2007 T20 Cricket World Cup and 2011 ODI Cricket World Cup winning teams, and was not happy with his former Indian cricket teammate Gautam Gambhir.

After the match, Sreesanth posted a video slamming Gambhir and narrated the incident on Instagram.

“Just wanted to clear the air with what happened with Mr fighter. One who always fights with all his colleagues. For no reason whatsoever. He does not even respect his senior players, including Viru Bhai.”

“That’s exactly what happened today. Without any provocation, he just kept on calling me something which was very rude which shouldn’t have been said by Mr Gautam Gambhir,” Sreesanth said in a video uploaded on his Instagram page.

He also said that he would get back for Gambhir’s words to him in public.


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“I am not at all at fault here. I just wanted to clear the air straight away. What Mr Gauti has done, sooner or later all of you will get to know. The words that he used and the things he said on a cricket field, live, is not acceptable.”

“My family, my state, everybody has gone through so much. I fought that battle with all your support. Now people want to down me for no reason. He said things he shouldn’t have said. I will surely let you know what he said,” Sreesanth said.

“What’s the point of representing people if you don’t respect your colleagues? Even in broadcasting when he is asked about Virat, he never speaks about him. He speaks about something else.”

“I don’t want to go further in detail. Just want to say I am very hurt my family is hurt and my dear ones are hurt. And the way he said things…. I haven’t used a single bad word or a single abuse, nothing. He just kept on saying words which he always does,” Sreesanth concluded.

He revealed that Gautam said rude things to him which triggered the spat. Although there is no proof of what happened between those two, but the fans are speculating that Gambhir called him a “Fixer.”

The match resulted in the victory of India Capital by 12 runs. With the eliminators being concluded, the second qualifiers match will be played between Manipal Tigers and India Capitals on December 07 at Lalbhai Contractor Stadium in Surat.

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