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BCCI Initiates IPL 2025 Retention Rules ahead of Auction

Ahead of the Mega auction, BCCI has initiated discussions on the Retention Players policy and is likely to finalize the policy by the end of July.

BCCI Initiates IPL 2025 Retention Rules

The IPL 2025 Mega Auction is scheduled for later this year, so the BCCI has initiated talks to finalize the retention rules/process for the event.

After the discussions on the mega auction, the cash-rich league is expected to witness some notable changes eyeing to extend its dominance in the world.

However, the franchises have requested the Board to extend the number of retention players for the next three seasons. According to reports, the opinions and views on the retention policy vary from franchise to franchise.

But the majority have requested more retentions than four players per team. With the BCCI having initiated talks on the policy, the final call will be taken during a meeting with the owners by the end of July.

Hemang Amin, the Chief operation officer of the league, has discussed with the CEOs of the franchise to bring in their opinions on the retention policy and the salary caps for the next three years.

Another report suggested that BCCI is expected to continue the Impact Player rule for now. On the agenda of retention, the BCCI has had multiple opinions.

While most of the franchises ‘requested 5-7 retentions’ there was a franchise that had suggested 8 retentions. Some franchises kept forward the idea of ‘no retention at all’.

During the last IPL mega auction in 2021, all the franchises were allowed to retain a maximum of four players. While the current cap is INR 100 Crore, there is a possibility of an increase of 20 Crores for the next auction. The Right to Match (RTM) cards weren’t used and the BCCI also asked the franchise for their view on the matter.

Discussions have also touched on the Impact player rule. It is said that media rights holders are comfortable with it while the playing side and the coaching staff have been less favourable. The mega auction for the IPL 2025, will serve as a chance for many teams to possibly overcome the top teams and to keep their best players as well.

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