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Aakash Chopra fires Warning to Hardik Pandya after Rohit’s wife reacts to MI captaincy change

Rohit Sharma’s wife Ritika Singh made a cryptic comment after Mumbai Indians coach Mark Boucher gave his explanation for MI Captaincy change.

Aakash Chopra fires Warning to Hardik Pandya

Ahead of the IPL 2024 Auction, Mumbai Indians traded Hardik Pandya from Gujarat Titans under a CASH deal. Following the trade, Mumbai Indians named Hardik Pandya as their new captain for the IPL 2024 replacing 5-time trophy winner Rohit Sharma.

The change in captaincy created a ruckus among the fans due to which many Instagram followers for the franchise were reduced right after the announcement.

On this occasion, the Mumbai Indians head coach Mark Boucher gave an explanation on the change in captaincy saying “I think it was purely a cricketing decision. We saw the window period to get Hardik back as a player.”

“For me, it’s a transition phase. A lot of people don’t understand in India, people get quite emotional, but you know you take the emotions away from it.

I think it’s just more of a cricketing decision that was made and I do think it is going to bring the best out of Rohit as a person as a player. Just let him go out and enjoy and score some good runs,” Mark Boucher said on a Sports podcast.

Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya (Image: BCCI)

Responding to the explanation, Rohit Sharma’s wife, Rithika made a comment on the Instagram post saying, “so many things wrong. “

However, Aakash Chopra fired a warning about how the MI team can play together as a team after Rithika’s comment made it clear that is not well in the franchise.

“I was listening to an interview with Boucher where he explained why they did the captaincy change.”

“He tried to explain the cricketing reasons, but Ritika (Rohit’s wife) commented below that, and it was obvious that it would go viral because she said – ‘So many things are wrong with this’,” Chopra said on his YouTube channel.

“We don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. I am slightly worried because the Mumbai Indians have a phenomenal team on paper, but the biggest pressure on Hardik Pandya will be whether he can combine the five fingers to make a fist, whether he can take the entire team in one direction,” he added.

With IPL 2024 set to be played in March, BCCI is working with the election commission as the local elections are planned to take place in India. However, the schedules of the IPL 2024 are expected to be released soon.

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