Top 10 Best Cricket Bats – Professional Bat with Specifications

    Top 10 Best professional cricket bats
    Top 10 Best professional cricket bats

    Times of Sports(TOS) has listed the top 10 best cricket bats used by professionals along with its specification details. Cricket bats are the choice of weapon for a batter to show his/her aggressiveness in the form of hitting the ball.

    Picking a suitable professional cricket bat plays a key role in his/her cricket carrier. Cricket bats are chosen based on the size, weight, and also the material they made up.

    The best professional cricket bats are manufactured using two types of willow wood namely English willow and Kashmir woods under cricket experts guidance.

    In order to avoid mistakes, one should choose the right bat which matches their style of playing. There are various factors that describe how to Choose a perfect cricket bat for impressive shots on the pitch that all aimed at adults and juniors of varying styles and levels.

    Following are the list of top 10 best and quality professional cricket bats along with its specification and review.

    Top 10 Best Cricket Bats – Professional

    Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat 2020

    Best Cricket Bats List Starts with Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat, which holds 1st position on top 10 best professional cricket bats.

    Ricky Ponting
    Ricky Ponting

    Initially developed in 2001 in conjunction with Ricky Ponting, the 2020 Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat is made from specially selected, Grade One Player’s English Willow. Having stood the test of time, the Kahuna continues to meet the demands of the modern player in terms of profile, pick-up, and ultimate performance.

    This bat is a top-of-the-range bat from the Kookaburra Kahuna series that comes with eye-catching graphics in shades of green.

    Made from Grade 1 unbleached English willow, the bat has been designed to suit all types of players – those who like to pack a lot of power in their shots, and those who prefer playing accuracy and elegance.

    Shop Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Cricket Bat (2020)

    Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Specifications

    Sweet Spot
    Mid Blade (215mm to 235mm from toe)
    Edge Profile
    Rounded Edge – Thickness (34-38mm)
    Face Profile Curved
    Spine Profile
    Super Spine (62 to 67mm)
    Weight Range
    2lbs 8 oz – 2lbs 10.5 oz


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    Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat 2020

    With its clean, striking looks and traditional profile, the 2020 Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat is a firm favourite amongst stylish players at all levels of the game. Made from the very best Grade 1 unbleached English willow, the Ghost range is designed to assist the elegant stroke maker.

    The name of the bat speaks a lot about it – it is a big and powerful bat and yet its pickup is very smooth. The white and chrome graphics will help the wielder stand apart from the crowd.

    This ultra-lightweight bat has a full profile which means that the player will not have to compromise on power. The bat’s large sweet spot and thick edges further make it easier for the players to pack a punch in their shots.

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    Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat 2020
    Kookaburra Ghost Pro Cricket Bat 2020

    Kookaburra Ghost Pro Specifications

    Sweet Spot
    Mid (195 – 215 from toe)
    Edge Profile & Thickness
    Round (35-38mm)
    Face Profile Curved
    Spine Profile
    Super Spine (64 to 68mm)
    Weight Range
    2lbs 8 1/2 oz – 2lbs 10 1/2 oz


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    Spartan CG Authority

    This Bat offers extreme power and all over blade performance whilst maintaining a light and perfectly balanced pick-up.

    The bat is made of Super Grade I English willow and has its mid-profile with a full spine. The handle is made of cane and rubber and also provides great flexibility, control, and power. It has a flat face with a curvature.

    Chris Gayle
    Chris Gayle

    It complements the maximum strike force of Chris Gayle as it is specially designed while keeping in mind his batting style. This one now holds third place in our list of the best professional cricket bats in the world.

    Chris Gayle Bat Weight: 1.36 kg

    If you play a lot of Twenty20 cricket or your team role is to up the tempo and increase the run-rate, the CG authority will give you the full power supply you desire – its powerful profile will quickly make enemies with the opposition’s bowling attack.

    Buy Spartan CG Authority Bat.

    Spartan CG Authority Specifications

    Sweet Spot Mid bat
    Edge Profile
    Edge Thickness 38-40 mm
    Face Profile
    Flat Wide Face with a slight curvature
    Spine Profile full spine
    Weight Range 1160-1230 Grams


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    SS Ton Gladiator

    SS Gladiator is one of the top-notch cricket bats in the complete SS range. The Profile of this SS bat is low to mid sweet spot Spine. The bat is made up of super grade 1 English willow wood.

    It is considered as Premium English Willow Cricket bat and the player will get around 9 to 12 straight grains in it. SS Manage moisture content in this bat very well and the player will get optimized moisture content in the bat which will offer the best durability and optimum performance.

    The handle of any bat is a very important part and it should be rigid and durable enough to sustain the high impact caused by a ball hit. Moreover, it should transfer the maximum energy to the cricket ball. SS used a 12 piece cane handle to develop the bat.

    12 piece can handle is laminated with cork lining so that it can provide the best possible combination of rigidity and durability. 12 Piece swark cane handle with cork lining is considered as best handle for top grade English willow bats.

    SS Ton Gladiator specifications

    Sweet Spot Low to Mid
    Edge Profile & Thickness
    Concave edge Thickness(38-40)mm
    Face Profile Flat
    Spine Profile
    High Spine or Full Profile
    Weight Range
    1150-1200 grams


    New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bat 

    Endorsed by England captain Joe Root, the 2020 New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bat is made from Grade One English Willow.

    Containing a balanced middle and a consistent pick-up, The TC range has become iconic for cricketers around the world, giving you confidence in your strokeplay whether you need to play off the front or back foot.

    Joe Root
    Joe Root

    It has a pronounced hitting area and thick edges for off-center shots. It is equipped with a large sweet spot and big edge which gives a better and effective playing area as required by modern cricket game requirements.

    Its balance, willow performance, and effective weight distribution will help in performing well on the ground.

    New Balance TC 1260 Specifications

    Sweet Spot
    Mid to Low (250mm from the toe of the bat)
    Edge Profile & Thickness
    Concave Edge- Thickness(39 – 41 mm)
    Face Profile Flat face
    Weight Range
    1140-1250 gms
    9 to 12 straight grains


    Watch New Balance TC 1260 bat review

    Gunn & Moore GM Diamond DXM

    This extraordinary bat has been made using Grade 3 English Willow which is made by England’s Best.

    The Diamond range of products was made in conjunction with England’s superstar all-rounder Ben Stokes, using his preferred colour scheme.

    The bat was designed with Ben in mind and features a shorter-than-traditional blade length at 540mm, boasting a large sweet spot that allows for unparalleled ball-striking confidence.

    The shorter blade length also enables the Diamond to have fantastic balance, creating a perfect pick up and feel.

    Ben Stokes
    Ben Stokes

    The traditional full blade profile and flowing contoured spine combine to show off a smooth and well-rounded bat profile, ideal for dynamic stroke-makers.

    With availability in nine different grades, there’s a Diamond waiting for you whatever your budget. Made In England from Prime English Willow Prepared to ‘knocked in’ stage by the Gunn & Moore GM bat maker, with Gunn & Moore GM Now & ToeTek.

    Buy England, all-rounder, Ben Stokes inspired Gunn & Moore GM Diamond Bat.

    GM Diamond DXM Specifications

    Sweet Spot Mid to Low
    Edge Profile & Thickness
    Massive Edges around 39-40 mm
    Face Profile Semi-Flat
    Spine Profile Medium
    Weight Range 1170-1220 grams.


    Watch Gunn & Moore GM Diamond Ben Stokes Edition review

    Sanspareils Greenlands(SG) Savage Xtreme

    SG Savage Xtreme is made from the premium English willow. It is a light-weight cricket bat and is most suitable for all-rounders.

    It is the choice of India’s premium all-rounder Hardik Pandya and many other international stars.

    The sweet spot is mid to low which is very helpful to manage or control the weight of the bat. The SG uses a flat bat(no concavity) profile which gives extra paunch(belly) and more direction control on shots.

    This is a unique combination of power and control. Its handle is made of 12 pieces of premium quality imported Sarawak cane with a rubber lamination technique to offer better rigidity and flexibility so that players can transfer maximum power on shots.

    It has been endorsed by some of the greatest cricketers of all time, Suresh Raina, Rahul Dravid, VVS Laxman, and Wasim Jaffer.

    SG Savage Xtreme Specification

    Sweet Spot Mid to low
    Edge Profile & Thickness
    Edge Thickness up to 40 mm
    Face Profile Flat
    Weight Range
    1180 to 1280 gms
    6 to 8 straight and clear grains


    Watch SG Hardik Pandya Savage Xtreme edition bat review

    MRF Grand Edition Cricket Bat – Virat Kohli

    It is made from premium English willow. Though it holds the lower order in the top 10 professional cricket bats take a bough to MRF cricket bat as this bat is the choice of the world’s best batsman, Virat Kohli.

    MRF brand has always been associated with Indian cricketers. MRF bats have been used by Brian Lara & Sachin Tendulkar as well.

    This bat is expertly shaped using the latest measurements of the bat for light weighted and excellent gripping for a master performance.

    It is designed with the latest technology of f2 massive countered edges. MRF Virat Kholi Bat is developed with a high spine concept with top grade English willow to offer better ping and overall performance.

    Virat Kohli - The Best Cricket Bats
    Virat Kohli

    Overall, this bat is suitable for all-round type of players. The willow is so good that a batsman can use its maximum power easily to hit the ball.

    The handle of this bat is designed with 9 pieces of swark cane and rubber lamination technology, so it can absorb the maximum shock produced due to a ball hit.

    MRF Grand Edition Cricket Bat Specification

    Sweet Spot Mid to low
    Edge Profile & Thickness
    Very Big (38mm – 40mm)
    Face Profile Flat Face
    Spine Profile
    Big (64mm – 65mm)
    Weight Range
    1140 to 1210 Gms
    7 to 11 straight grains


    Watch MRF Grand Edition Cricket Bat Review

    Gray Nicolls Powerbow Inferno Pro Performance Cricket Bat

    Made from Grade 1 English willow and designed with a full profile a dynamic low swell and dramatically feathered toe. Combine this with the synonymous long exaggerated bow and you have a bat with a powerful blade and dramatically light pack up and balance.

    A full profile accompanied by a low sweet spot makes the new Gray Nicolls Powerbow Inferno cricket bats ideal for players who are confident on the front and like to hit the ball with power.

    In the same black and yellow colour scheme that made the Powerbow one of the most famous bats around. The new inferno graphics flow along the lines of the spine and accentuate the characteristics of the powerhouse of a bat.

    Watch Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Inferno Players Cricket Bat Review

    Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth Pro Players Cricket Bat 

    This bat containing Specially Selected, Grade One English Willow, the 2020 Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth Players Cricket Bat is designed for the explosive batter, looking to power his way through the opposition.

    Alastair Cook - Best cricket bats
    Alastair Cook

    Whether you’re looking to clear the ropes, or pierce the infield, the explosive mid to low swell on the Oblivion Stealth will have you covered.

    The bat comes with an Extratec finish, with a light coat of oil. The bat will require some additional knocking in. Featuring stunning chrome stickers that draw the eye down the blade, the blade’s profile is exaggerated and sure to strike fear into bowlers.

    Though Gray Nicolls holds the last position in the best professional cricket bats many aggressive players play along with it. Players including Alastair Cook, David Warner, and Kane Williamson are some of the modern-day greats who use the Gray-Nicolls bat.

    Watch Gray Nicolls Oblivion Stealth Pro Players Cricket Bat review