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Understanding the Football Basics – History, Rules, and Significant Players

Football is a global sport loved by almost everyone, regardless of age, nationality, or gender. Furthermore, it is now one of the most preferred pastime events in the world. Across communities worldwide, you can find signs and symbols that indicate how much people love soccer. Learn and Understand the Football Basics with it’s history, rules and significant players the world has seen.

This popular sport can amass large gatherings of fans anytime it is being played. However, it’s the most popular sport globally, cutting across various generations of fans. The old-age fans have never been one to shy away from introducing the new generation to this sport. Because of this, you can find an entire family all supporting the same club, from grandparents to little kids.

Compared to most sports, football is not a complicated game and can be understood easily by anyone. Furthermore, it has been changing with the times, with its governing bodies coming up with new developments such as the opportunity to wager on them in crypto gambling sites. Therefore, this article will help introduce football basics to those who don’t know about it and discuss the recent changes to the game.

History of Football

The game of football has been called various names over the years. It is referred to as football on all continents, excluding North America and Australia, where it is called soccer.

Initially originated in Britain, football has been played for quite a while, but not until the 18th century were the first set of rules laid down by the Football Association. In addition, its popularity has spread worldwide, with different countries accepting it as their main sporting event.

When talking about the history of football, certain greats who have carved their name in football heritage have to be mentioned. For example, the likes of Pele, the late Diego Maradona, and Johan Cryuff reached the highest pinnacle of the game during their playing time.

Now talking about the current generation of football heritage, the names on everyone’s lips have been Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, who has been leading the game for decades. However, the upcoming generation is on the rise, with the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Erling Haaland slowly edging their names in history.

Lionel Messi with his 6 Golden Boots
Lionel Messi with his 6 Golden Boots

The Football Basics

Basics of Football – Football is an easy game to play and understand; it comprises 11 players on each team. It is played mainly with the foot, although players can use body parts except for the hands or arms for outfield players. Therefore, out of the 11 players, a goalkeeper is needed and is the only one allowed to use his hands and only within the penalty area of his post.

Football is initially 90-minute duration, except in knockout competitions where a winner is needed. It goes to a penalty shoot-out if it exceeds 90 minutes and no winner emerges. The 90-minute duration is divided into two halves of 45-minutes each. After the first half, players are allocated a 15-minute rest interval before appearing for the second half.

In order to win a football game, all that is needed is to outscore your opponents. However, to outclass your opponents, specific tactics and formations are required. Although this is the job of the manager or coach, their importance is vital, especially at the game’s top levels.

Rules Worth Knowing about Football

Like all sports, there are specific rules and regulations governing their operation. Therefore, players must follow these rules to ensure an orderly flow of the game.

● Offside Rule

Perhaps one of the most widely debated and complex rules of football. This rule has confused many, especially those who just started watching football. The offside rule dictates that a player is in an offside position if any part of their body that players can use for goal scoring is behind the opposition’s last player when in the opponent’s half. Therefore, any goal scored from the situation will be canceled.

● Handball Rule

If an outfield player deliberately handles the ball during the game’s duration, the referee will likely penalize him. Furthermore, if he touches the ball within his penalty, he will likely cause harm to his team.  Another rule worth mentioning is that players are not allowed to wear any other colors, not about their team.

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Latest Changes Made to the Beautiful Game of Football

Many improvements have been made to this game, all to ensure both sides are treated fairly with no cheating. Furthermore, various technological updates have been added to some game sectors with the advancement of technology in the sports sector. These changes include:

● Introduction to Video Assistant Referee (VAR)

Footballers have never been regarded as honest players, with many play-acting and diving during matches. Therefore, the introduction of VAR has helped reduce many of these players’ shenanigans. Also, it has helped in the officiating of the game, thereby putting decisions made by the referee under consideration during games.

● Hand-to-Body Rule

Previous rules have penalized all cases of the ball touching the player’s hand, regardless of the position of his hand. However, new changes have been made to the handball rule, so if the ball touches a player’s arm or hand and is not in an unnatural position, it is not considered a foul.

So, for example, if a shot is played towards the goal and it touches a defender’s arm, and the component is at his sides and not away from his body, it is not considered a foul.

● Goalkeeper Penalty Line

In playing penalties, the goalkeeper’s two feet must be on the goal line before the penalty is taken. Therefore, if the keeper makes any save and his feet are not on the line, VAR enforces the penalty replay.

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