U19 World Cup:Three players from Bangladesh and Two from India found guility for the Ugly scenario in Finals

U19 worldcup India vs Bangladesh finals
U19 worldcup India vs Bangladesh finals

After the historic win from Bangladesh in final U19 world cup against India on February 9 2020, players of both team get into dirty actions. Though Bangladesh captain Akbar Ali apologize for the actions from his team,five players have been found guilty for breaching ICC Code Of Conduct.

Md Towhid Hridoy, Shamim Hossain and Rakibul Hasan from Bangladesh were found guilty of breaching Article 2.21. Two from India respectively Akash Singh and Ravi Bishnoi(leading wicket taker of the tournament) were charged for breaching Article 2.5.

Bangladesh players 

Towhid-Hridoy bangladesh u19 cricketer
Towhid-Hridoy Bangladesh cricketer

Towhid Hridoy received a sanction of ten suspension points which equates to six demerit points.




shamin hossian bangladesh cricketer
Shamin Hossian Bangladesh cricketer

Shamim Hossain received a sanction of eight suspension points that equates to six demerit points.




rakibul hassan bangladesh cricketer
Rakibul Hassan Bangladesh cricketer

Hasan received four suspension points that equates to five demerit points.


Indian players

akash singh indian cricketer
Akash Singh Indian cricketer

Akash received a sanction of eight suspension points that equates to six demerit points.




Ravi Bishoni Indian cricketer
Ravi Bishoni Indian cricketer

Bishnoi who took four wickets with the ball in final, receives the most demerit points than others, received five demerit points for breaching Article 2.21.

During 23rd over followed by Avishek Das’s dismissal he was found to have used language, actions or gestures which could provoke an aggressive reaction from a batsman. It earned him two more demerit points for breaching Article 2.5 making it total of seven demerit points for him.

The demerit points will be on the player’s record for a period of two years. A suspension point will have a player ineligible for one ODI or T20I, U19 or A team international match. As a result, whenever these players take part in their next international assignment either at the senior level or the Under 19 level, the suspension points will be applied.

ICC General Manager’s advice to young starts.

Geoff Allardice, ICC General Manager
Geoff Allardice(middle), ICC General Manager

“The match was hard fought, as you would expect in an ICC U19 Cricket World Cup Final, but the elation and disappointment experienced by some players after the game spilled over into unedifying scenes that have no place in our sport,” Geoff Allardice, ICC General Manager Cricket said.“Respect is at the very heart of the spirit of cricket, and players are expected to show self-discipline, congratulate the opposition on their successes and enjoy the success of their own team.

“It is disappointing that Code of Conduct charges needed to be laid after such a closely contested match, but it is important to reinforce the standard of behavior that will be expected of these young players should they transition to senior international cricket.”