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Ravi Shastri Opens On Altercations Between Stars in IPL

Indian Premier League is well-known for its high-octane action on the field between the starts from all around the world.

Ravi Shastri Opens On Altercations Between Stars in IPL

But apart from the action pack on-field clash sometimes, the cash-rich league also faces altercations between stars of various teams.

Be it RCB star Virat Kohli’s on-field heated exchange with LSG mentor Gautam Gambhir and pacer Naveen-ul-Haq or KKR captain Nitish Rana’s angry words with Mumbai Indians’ Hrithik Shokeen.

Virat Kohli vs Gambhir Clash in IPL 2023

“You need a little bit of confrontation there on the field. Where you draw a line, the match referee is there to see that. Once you’re fined once or twice, you will be okay,” Shastri said on a TV show.

Speaking further about the on-field confrontations, Shastri explained the upside of the heated arguments that take place on Live TV.

“A lot of people told me, this is IPL. This is a live telecast. Why were they showing two players fighting? Ok, fair point. Because the world saw it. Now I will tell you the positive in that,” Shastri continued.

“By seeing that, both the players will behave differently the next time. Because they will know there is a camera on them all the time. Then they will do the right thing for the massive audience that is watching. Kids, parents, friends. You then know what is the line.

“Have I used abusive language? Was my body language not right? Was that in the spirit of the game? Did I come across as a bad loser? All these things immediately come to the fore once you watch that footage. And then you learn. If you don’t learn, then another fine will be around the corner or a suspension,” said Shastri.

IPL 2023 playoff is scheduled to kick start from May 23 with the final game on May 28 in Narendra Modi Stadium, Ahmedabad. Gujarat Titas becomes the first team to be qualified for the playoffs.

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