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MS Dhoni has amazing reflex like a Formula One driver”, Says Ramji Srinivasan

Indian former cricketer MS Dhoni is undoubtedly one of the greatest wicket-keepers and captains India had so far.

Ramji Srinivasan Praises MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is always known for his calm nature which he maintains during pressure games. One such attitude player is also well known for maintaining his fitness till date.

At the age of 40, MS Dhoni manages to attain his maximum speed while running between wickets, which many youngsters struggle with.

Having observed Dhoni from close quarters, Ramji Srinivasan, who was Team India’s trainer witness first-hand what separated MSD from the rest. And today, after all these years, he says that Dhoni is extremely fit for a 40-year-old athlete.

“MSD is an enigma and like Sachin Tendulkar, is one in a billion product. He does what suits him, be it strength work, agility, speed, or hybrid work. He has his own protocols in place, which suits him.

He has amazing reflex like a Formula One driver and with a mind like 5-star General. Very few can match MSD fitness when they reach that age,” Srinivasan told the New Indian Express.

Srinivasan had a huge role to play during India’s injury-less campaign in the 2011 World Cup. Sure, the toll cricket took on the body of athletes was far less as compared to today, but even then, for an entire squad of players to play nearly two-month of non-stop cricket in hot conditions wasn’t easy.

But Srinivasan performed his role with perfection, highlighting how players were fiercely dedicated to ensure they remained injury-free.

“We were the only team where the players never missed a match due to any injuries. The players prepared one year ahead. They were all both mentally and physically prepared.

I would say each and every player took individual responsibility to keep themselves fit and I, as a Strength & Conditioning (S&C) professional, never pushed them beyond their capacity,” he added.

MS Dhoni who led Chennai Super Kings to lift 4 IPL trophies, failed to drag CSK into IPL 2022 playoff after the captaincy issue which created a lot of controversies. Ahead of the season start, CSK named R Jadeja as their new captain and renamed MS Dhoni as this captain in the middle of the season.

Right after stepping down from captaincy, Jadeja was ruled out of IPL 2022 owing to an injury. Apart from this, the followed incident made to raise some eyebrows when CSK’s official Instagram handle unfollows Jadeja.

Jadeja or any other officials gave a clear explanation for this incident. Though CSK failed to enter the playoff, MS Dhoni cleared the air by stating that he would continue to play for CSK in the next IPL.

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