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Lalit Modi’s proposal on restructuring The Hundred competition

The Indian Businessman Lalit Modi has presented a proposal to the England and Wales Cricket Board to increase the revenue which is similar to IPL’s model.

Lalit Modi’s proposal on restructuring The Hundred

Lalit Modi’s Proposal suggests a restructuring of The Hundred’s Competition to align with the T20 format. The Hundred is a domestic competition in English cricket which was introduced in 2021.

The key features of the proposal included allocation of 100 million USD Purs for the players over 10 years which could grant a guaranteed one billion USD revenue for the board.

He also stated a 10-team league without the maximum intervention of the IPL teams, competition will emphasize the importance of the English league.

“I have suggested only two IPL teams; it has to be an English league and not India-dominated,” said Lalit. His proposal includes inviting private entities to invest in the competition.

The ECB will consider his proposal only after discussing it with the Indian board as BCCI has banned Lalit Modi for misconduct, indiscipline, and financial irregularities.

“Being a sovereign and autonomous body, ECB is not obliged to consult the BCCI but it may for the sake of bilateral relations with the BCCI,” said a source.

“The BCCI is treating Modi as a pariah. While it continues to flourish on [his] invention but avoids the mention of his name. No commentator ever takes his name during the IPL,” the source remarked.

Meanwhile, IPL teams are interested in investing in the English league as sources confirmed that SRH owners have been involved in discussions with ECB officials.

They have already invested abroad in the SA20 league which was named Sunrisers Eastern Cape. On the other hand, Chennai Super Kings have also expressed their desire to invest in England cricket.

However, BCCI avoids commenting on IPL teams investing in foreign leagues. BCCI secretary has stated that it is an internal matter of the board and the IPL.

To be noted, BCCI has prevented the IPL teams from investing in overseas leagues. Currently, BCCI is working on the IPL 2024 schedule which has been not revealed yet due to the local elections in India.

The IPL 2024 is set to be played between March 23, 2024, and May 29, 2024. BCCI and the Election Commission of India are working together to finalize the dates of the 17th edition of the Indian Premier League.

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