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“Lots of Positives” Ashwin Opens on India’s Defeat in T20 Series

Much criticism is made of the Indian team for the defeat in the T20 series against West Indies Where Indian spinner Ashwin gives reply to the critics.

Ashwin Opens on India’s Defeat in T20 Series

India had suffered defeat in the T20I series against WI 3-2 on the West Indies tour 2023. The defeat had made lots of criticism’s and also raised concerns on the team’s form which is set to participate in Asia Cup 2023 and the World Cup 2023.

West Indies have not qualified for the big tournament that is set to host by India later this year, and the visitor’s defeat in the T20I series has increased the critics of the team’s performance. Indian Spinner Ravichandran Ashwin had a message for those criticizing the India team after the loss.

India had won the Test series 1-0 on West Indies tour 2023, in which Ashwin played a leading role as he bagged a total of 12 wickets. Even in the experimental ODI series, India won the series 2-1.

“There are plenty of positives from this T20I series. It is very easy to criticize the team on social media since they lost to a team that didn’t qualify for the last T20 World Cup.


They haven’t qualified for the upcoming 50-over World Cup as well. I want to give a piece of information to you guys,” Ashwin said on his YouTube channel.

Ashwin also clarified that he is not supporting anyone and understands those who are upset about the defeat. But he also says that the series was a learning experience for the young players who makes their debut and will get better.

“I am not talking, backing, or supporting anybody. All of these are secondary. As a youngster, if you are going to the West Indies, there will be some challenges. In all countries, there will be some innate secrets.

Ashwin pointed out many positives for India from the series and claimed it was very easy for people to criticize the team on social media. He also recalled his first experience in touring countries like West Indies, Australia, and England.

“The local players know these things more than visiting players.  Especially if the players are young. When I went to West Indies, England, and Australia, I had to learn various little things…these are first-time experiences for me as a cricketer.

So, youngsters would have learned a lot from this tour. They will definitely get better from here.

“Losing the series 3-2 to West Indies…many of them are criticizing and upset. It’s okay and understandable. It’s only fair, I guess. But we can see this loss from two perspectives. The players will get experience from this series.”

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