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The Best Live Cricket Scores Sites in India 2023

Live Cricket Score Sites Review 2023

Cricket is one of the oldest and most traditional sports in the world. In addition, it is most often played and watched. Indeed, in terms of the number of participants, whether players or spectators, cricket is second only to football in terms of global popularity. This popularity is largely due to the growing popularity of the game in the Indian subcontinent, where cricket can be heard with more regularity than anywhere else on the planet.

Cricket is also a sport that has been gaining popularity among online players over the years. And where to find out about сricket live score to make your most successful bet in the championship, you will find out in this article.

Live Cricket Score Sites

Below you will see a selection of the top 6 live cricket score sites where you can keep up-to-date point information in real-time. This will help make your bets even more successful, as you will be able to make a qualitative analysis of players and teams:

1. Cricbuzz

The popular Cricbuzz website is where you will find cricket match scores, match analysis, and the latest sports news. For all the years of the site’s existence, he has many clients who constantly monitor the development of cricket events from all over the world. You can also use Cricbuzz’s free mobile app.

2. SportsCafe

A popular website for cricket fans with up-to-date news and a schedule of events. Here you will find sections with reviews and tips on cricket and football. The site constantly updates information and provides only the latest information.

3. NDTV Sports

NDTV Sports is a news portal that provides information on live results for several sports, primarily cricket. Here is only the latest and most relevant information for all sports betters.

4. ICC Cricket

In this rapidly evolving digital world, it is only natural for cricket’s governing body to offer the ability to view the results in real-time on its website. The ICC Cricket live cricket website has succeeded in every way, whether it’s feature set or design.

5. Sportskeeda

Founded in 2009, Sportskeeda has grown into a full-fledged sports content platform serving more than 100 million users worldwide. The site will be interesting not only for cricket fans but also for other sports. 

6. Cricket.com

Cricket.com is a modern news portal, only for cricket fans, which is also one of the best sites with the results of cricket matches in real-time. The site provides players with information about cricket matches and publishes its own blogs and articles.

Tips for Betting on Cricket Online


Follow these tips if you want to strengthen the use of statistical information found on websites:

  1. Bets may be limited in time, so you need to be careful here too: for example, rules often affect the success of totals. Some teams can show good results in the shortest possible time, while others need more time to consolidate their advantage. As a rule, teams with a deeper and more balanced composition prefer to play for a long time, and teams with strong players prefer to finish the game as quickly as possible.
  2. When betting on live cricket, you have to remember that this is a very long game. By the end of the game, athletes may get tired and lose their shape. Therefore, it is important to monitor the dynamics of the match and live coefficients. The longer the game lasts, the more chances you have to make a good bet. When it comes to live cricket, events often last several days, so the betting line for cricket is more extensive than for the previous match.
  3. You should also keep in mind the results of the coin toss. It is much easier for the team to start the game from an offensive position, which can significantly affect the outcome of the game.
  4. Time is an important factor that greatly affects the game. Cricket is not played when it rains, so the players have extra time to practice. Therefore, it is important to take into account weather conditions in order to roughly predict your bet on live cricket.
  5. The venue of the match also affects the game. It is also necessary to take into account the humidity of the air. In dry weather, the ball flies much faster, which makes the game more dynamic and unpredictable.
  6. It is worth being aware of the form of your players and their motivation. If the strongest team does not need a victory, then you can bet on the opponent’s victory and get a good profit. To predict this, you need to closely follow the news and matches of the teams.
  7. When extending the games to five days, the main role is given to endurance, not technique and tactics. The shape of teams and players affects the result, so be sure to check the statistics of each individual player and the team as a whole. In addition, the weather may change during this time and affect the results.
  8. Competitions have different formats with different rules and duration. When betting on live cricket, take into account the type of matches played by the team.
  9. Take into account the fatigue of the teams, analyze the motivation of the opponents, and follow the weather forecast.
  10. Unexpected results in live cricket matches are very common, so outsiders in this sport are usually given little chance. The best idea in a real-time cricket match is to use a betting strategy on almost equal opponents.
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